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Open the Box
Download | Stream
Genre: Minimal Drumfunk
Track Length: 6:48 - Released in: 2006
Produced under new producer name Trikome

Download | Stream
Genre: Intelligent Drum and Bass
Track Length: 5:16 - Released in: 2005

Stress Relief
Download | Stream | Track list
A mix of darkcore and intelligent drum and bass from 1992 to 1997.
Mix Length: 77:11 - Released in: 2004

Nine Inch Nails - Me, I’m Not (Deepest Shade Mix) by Frantik
Download | Stream
Mix Length: 5:58 - Released in: 2007

None of This
Download | Stream
Genre: Darkcore
Track Length: 8:15 - Released in: 2004

Download | Stream
Genre: Oldskool Drum and Bass
Track Length: 6:03 - Released in: 2003

The Inside Force
Download | Stream
Genre: Darkcore / Old Skool Drum and Bass
Track Length: 6:30 - Released in: 2001

Satchelmouth Stomp
Download | Stream
Genre: Down tempo
Track Length: 5:20 - Released in: 2002

fr-87 (Parts I & II)
Download Part I | Stream Part I
Download Part II | Stream Part II
Genre: Minimal Dark Techno / Industrial
Track Length: Part I: 22:15, Part II: 25:03 - Released in: 2005

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Hoi Frantik
only now i comment your traks, even though i´ve dloaded dem
some months ago…they rok!!! Specially “None Of This”- where
did dose samples come from? Super track, just the way mi like!
Are there some more? Just feedback :) Cya!

Comment by MarkusAudio — Friday, April 13, 2007 @ 1:04 am

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