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Monday, August 21, 2006

Will Apple (or anybody!) please make a DJ suite for the iPod?

I recently owned a pair of CD turntables.. I enjoyed using them, though they were bulky and the fact that I had to burn all my music onto CDs was annoying. I ended up selling them because they just weren’t what I wanted.

I really wish I could use my iPod like a turntable. The main feature that needs to be added is variable pitch playback — without this, DJs would not be able to beat match. Other features such as ‘virtual nudging’ and BPM counter would also be useful, though not absolutely necessary.

Tempo changing technology is already being implemented in sports oriented iPods which change tempo depending on heart rate, so there is obviously no technical barrier. The iPod scroll wheel is already the perfect input device to represent a spinning disc, and the large screen could be used to display a wide variety of information and even allow the user to see a visual representation of the waveform, similar to looking at the grooves of a record to find song position.

If well implemented, I can truly see a whole new market for iPods. I mean what DJ wouldn’t want to be able to carry his whole setup in his pocket, and be able to use it for personal listening while not performing? Add a hot little white mixer and every trendy DJ on the planet will be snapping up pairs of ‘pods! :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Read RSS feeds on an iPod

So the other day when I posted the Tao Te Ching for iPod I mentioned that the Notes format wasn’t good for long documents, but RSS feeds seemed like a good idea.

Well here’s a quick and dirty online RSS to Notes conversion utility. Simply enter the URL of the RSS feed in the text box and click Convert! In a few moments you should begin downloading a file. Save this file on your iPod in the Notes directory (or a subfolder) and enjoy later.



Sunday, January 1, 2006

The Tao Te Ching for your iPod

I bought a new video iPod the other day with some Christmas money. It’s a pretty fun toy. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t play divx/xvid videos but overall I’m very pleased with my buy. I had looked at other media players but none of them could rival the elegance of the iPod, nor could they offer 30gb of storage space with video support.

While playing with all of the features, I found the iPod supported text files with some simple HTML tags and a few custom meta tags which allows one to create guides, ebooks, or other small documents. At first I had visions of converting Wikipedia over to the iPod, but I unfortunately found that only 1000 files at a maximum 4kb each are supported. This means small bits of information, like perhaps news and weather pulled from RSS feeds.

For now though, it means the Tao Te Ching. More specifically, Ron Hogan’s Tao Te Ching, which is a particularly creative interpretation and I think perhaps one of the most accessible to those who are unfamiliar with Taoism.

To install on your iPod, download the archive, and unzip it in a convenient place. Then copy the The Tao Te Ching folder to the Notes folder on your iPod. (You may need to enable disk mode to access the Notes folder). Then go to Extras > Notes > The Tao Te Ching on your iPod to find the Way.

Download The Tao Te Ching for iPod
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