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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Winter 2.0.0

It’s been over a year since I last released an update for Winter. Since then MediaWiki introduced support for parser function extensions, which provide some of the same basic functionality as Winter. Winter code does not interfere with parser functions, and they can be used on the same page, though care must be taken when combining both types of code together.

This new version of Winter has been in the works for a few months now. Many new features and functions have been added, and some bugs have been corrected as well. The program code has increased in size by nearly 80% since 1.5.0!

Homepage on Mediawiki.org

About Winter:

Winter is the Wiki Interpreter, a complete programming language plug-in for MediaWiki, the software which powers Wikipedia and many other wikis across the internet.

Change log:

  • Added installation settings $wgWinterMaxNesting, $wgWinterMaxOperations, $wgWinterMaxIterations, $wgWinterNotAllowed
  • fixed bug in operation count which severely under counted operations
  • fixed bug when trying to loop inside of a function
  • added external function definition support
  • improved tag
  • improved error messages
  • added - and $ to acceptable function and variable name characters, explicitly defined _
  • depreciated #define in favor of #str_replace_all
  • added @ modifier for variable assignment operators
  • added < - and <=> variable assignment operators
  • added & | xor < < >> bitwise operators
  • added ^ arithmetic operator
  • added #add, #subtract, #multiply, #divide arithmetic functions
  • added #strtoupper, #strtolower, #ucfirst, #trim, #ltrim, #rtrim, #strip_tags string functions
  • depreciated #default in favor of #set_param_default
  • added #comment as another name for #null
  • added #debug for easy debugging stub display
  • added #rand function
  • added #html_to_xml and #xml_xpath xml function
  • added array variable type (2 dimensions maximum)
  • added #foreach loop construct for traversing arrays
  • added []= and [][]= operators for array assignment
  • added #count, #array_rand, #array_rand_value, #sort, #rsort, #asort, #arsort, #natsort, #ksort, #krsort array functions

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