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Monday, August 21, 2006

Will Apple (or anybody!) please make a DJ suite for the iPod?

I recently owned a pair of CD turntables.. I enjoyed using them, though they were bulky and the fact that I had to burn all my music onto CDs was annoying. I ended up selling them because they just weren’t what I wanted.

I really wish I could use my iPod like a turntable. The main feature that needs to be added is variable pitch playback — without this, DJs would not be able to beat match. Other features such as ‘virtual nudging’ and BPM counter would also be useful, though not absolutely necessary.

Tempo changing technology is already being implemented in sports oriented iPods which change tempo depending on heart rate, so there is obviously no technical barrier. The iPod scroll wheel is already the perfect input device to represent a spinning disc, and the large screen could be used to display a wide variety of information and even allow the user to see a visual representation of the waveform, similar to looking at the grooves of a record to find song position.

If well implemented, I can truly see a whole new market for iPods. I mean what DJ wouldn’t want to be able to carry his whole setup in his pocket, and be able to use it for personal listening while not performing? Add a hot little white mixer and every trendy DJ on the planet will be snapping up pairs of ‘pods! :D

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