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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Darpa Protozoa

A few months ago, I started receiving a good deal of spam with randomly generated subject lines. Most of them aren’t really all that interesting and just sound like random words strung together. But sometimes I do get a bit of spam with a funny or interesting title. Today I received a bit of mail with the headline: Slushy Siphon. Sounds like a good band name or something.

I recall the first randomly generated spam title that really stuck in my mind: “My Darpa Protozoa”. Darpa is of course the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and it is within this agency that the Internet, originally called DarpaNet was born. A protozoa is of course a basic form of life. I imagine that the spam was generated via an Internet virus that has commandeered a machine and turned it into a zombie spammer.. in other words, it has been infected with a Darpa Protozoa :D Perhaps the email was a cry for help.


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