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Monday, February 13, 2006

wbObjects: Easy Windows Programming in PHP

wbObjects is an object oriented interface for WinBinder, a native Windows API for PHP. WinBinder is a great tool, but unfortunately its current lack of an object oriented interface makes writing applications harder than it needs to be. wbObjects has been created to simply the coding process so WinBinder applications can be developed more rapidly.

wbObjects Home
Download: wbObjects 0.7.0
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Sample code:


$window = $wbSystem->createWindow( AppWindow,  'thewindow', 'Hello World!', WBC_CENTER, WBC_CENTER, 300, 100);
$textbox = $window->createControl( EditBox,    'thetext',   '',             5, 10, 280, 22, WBC_LEFT);
$button = $window->createControl(  PushButton, 'thebutton', 'Click Me!',    5, 30, 280, 22);

$button->onMainEvent = 'didClick';
$window->onClose = 'didClose';


function didClick($params)
   $params['wbSystem']->thewindow->messageBox('Hello World!  You typed:'. $params['wbSystem']->thetext->text);

function didClose($params)
{  exit;

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