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Sunday, January 1, 2006

The Tao Te Ching for your iPod

I bought a new video iPod the other day with some Christmas money. It’s a pretty fun toy. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t play divx/xvid videos but overall I’m very pleased with my buy. I had looked at other media players but none of them could rival the elegance of the iPod, nor could they offer 30gb of storage space with video support.

While playing with all of the features, I found the iPod supported text files with some simple HTML tags and a few custom meta tags which allows one to create guides, ebooks, or other small documents. At first I had visions of converting Wikipedia over to the iPod, but I unfortunately found that only 1000 files at a maximum 4kb each are supported. This means small bits of information, like perhaps news and weather pulled from RSS feeds.

For now though, it means the Tao Te Ching. More specifically, Ron Hogan’s Tao Te Ching, which is a particularly creative interpretation and I think perhaps one of the most accessible to those who are unfamiliar with Taoism.

To install on your iPod, download the archive, and unzip it in a convenient place. Then copy the The Tao Te Ching folder to the Notes folder on your iPod. (You may need to enable disk mode to access the Notes folder). Then go to Extras > Notes > The Tao Te Ching on your iPod to find the Way.

Download The Tao Te Ching for iPod
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Thanks for the download bro. I got a 5G as well, aren’t these awesome? I’m pissed I have to spend so much more money to set up my car with it. I need a 60G already. Haha!

Did see that Google Video is offering iPod downloads of the free videos on there?

Comment by Recipher — Tuesday, January 10, 2006 @ 10:36 pm

Yeah they are pretty tight.. this is my first ipod actually; I’m pleased overall with it. Haven’t watched any videos on the go yet but use it all the time for music. I didn’t know that about google video.. I get most of my content off of bit torrent anyways :D And stuff not in iPod format I just convert over

I had already hacked a line-in for my car stereo through the EQ port so it was no problem for me hehe. You could use one of those FM transmitters but you’ll lose the low end since FM doesn’t allow it. btw don’t buy an apple video out cable.. http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/11/18/video-ipod.html

Comment by swiftlytilting — Tuesday, January 10, 2006 @ 11:01 pm

I tried downloading this but the link wouldn’t work.

Comment by J. M. Branum — Tuesday, August 22, 2006 @ 1:38 pm

Ron Hogan has the file mirrored on his site :)


Comment by swiftlytilting — Thursday, September 21, 2006 @ 3:11 am

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