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Friday, February 18, 2005

phpABC 1.2 for php4

Download phpABC v1.2.php4 for php4 and up.

If you are running php5, it is recommended you use phpABC v1.2 instead of phpABC 1.2.php4

More proof Linux isn’t all that great

Earlier this month I commented how I wasn’t all that impressed with Linux. It would freeze the computer whenever I loaded the media player, and boot times and general performance was much worse than an old copy of Windows 98.

Well apparently theres even more reason to be skeptical about Linux, as it’s been shown to be less secure than Windows! Finally someone actually tested it, and Linux lost. I have always said that if Linux was as popular as Windows that it would have as many viruses and people exploiting security holes, but since it’s so rarely used, not many malicious hackers and virus makers bother with Linux.

phpABC v1.2 Released

New update of phpABC. Includes new configuration page and also an integrated skin management system so people can easily add new layouts. Also updated the look of the default skin, adding 3D buttons and also a progress bar.

Download phpABC 1.2 | View Screenshot

If you are upgrading, it is recommended you unpack the RAR in a new directory or delete your current phpABC directory before installing.

Ideas for the future: RSS reader to finally add RSS functionality to ABC. Javascript “popup window” type interface to make phpABC even less like a web page and more like an application.

Sunday, February 6, 2005

phpABC skin update

I added a skin update if you want something a little prettier. The next update will include code changes and a skin management system to encourage people to design their own skins.

Download the skin update | Screenshot

Saturday, February 5, 2005

phpABC: A PHP web shell for the ABC Bittorrent Client

I needed a remote client to access my torrent files, and the current PHP edition, PHP4ABC, was outdated and a mess of spaghetti code. So I built a new client from scratch. It doesn’t have a pretty interface just yet but it’s easily customizable if you’re so inclined, and I’ll be sprucing it up for later versions.

Unpack the rar in your web space and read the documentation to finish installation.
Requires PHP5.

Download phpABC v1.1 | Screenshot

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Linux remains Unimpressive

I still don’t understand why anyone uses Linux as a desktop operating system. I built a new computer recently and decided to give Linux another whirl, after last using it 5 years ago. SuSE 9.1 Personal installed without a problem, and I was on the net within minutes after the installation was complete.

But overall, performace is much worse than Windows 98, and every time I went to use the media player, the entire machine would lock up. So much for Linux’s rock solid stability. I’d much rather use this seven year old copy of Win98; boot time is less than 20 second and I can play all sorts of media.

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