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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

BitTorrent’s Dark Weekend

Last weekend was a dark one for the BitTorrent Community. Several very large tracker and index sites, including Suprnova, TorrentBits, and TvTorrents have all gone down. Other sites such as Youceff Torrents faced legal action and servers were confiscated.

Other tracker sites struggled Saturday under the load of users looking for a new file sharing home. On Friday night, TorrentBits, a private tracker with a hundred thousand active members, closed down. Rumors were rampant, ranging from a simple hardware problem to police raids. Late Saturday night a message was posted to the TorrentBits IRC channel confirming the site would be down for a while, and that there had been no raids. A day later, the site itself had a good bye message indicating it would not return. Suprnova had a similar message after being down for the weekend.

Both sites claim that factors other than the recent legal action by the MPAA were the catalyst for their closing, but it is hard to believe that the raids on other sites didn’t have at least some influence on the administrators. Fortunately other sites have picked up the slack, with both public indexes and private trackers humming at high speeds under heavy loads after hardware upgrades. The MPAA has definitely struck a blow, but time will tell how deeply they were able to cut.

Update: TvTorrents.com has moved to TvTorrents.Tv


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